Htool is an implementation of hierarchical matrices (cf. this reference or this one), it was written to test Domain Decomposition Methods (DDM) applied to Boundary Element Method (BEM). It provides:

  • routines to build hierarchical matrix structures (cluster trees, block trees, low-rank matrices and block matrices),
  • parallel matrix-vector and matrix-matrix product using MPI and OpenMP,
  • preconditioning techniques using domain decomposition methods,
  • the possibility to use Htool with any generator of coefficients (e.g., your own BEM library),
  • an interface with HPDDM for iterative solvers,
  • GUI and several service functions to display informations about matrix structures and timing,
  • a Python interface.

Htool is written by Pierre-Henri Tournier and I, it is available on GitHub.

Pierre Marchand
Pierre Marchand
Research Associate in applied mathematics
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